Course Description

The rate of anxiety in children is a mental health crisis with 1 in 3 children suffering from an anxiety disorder. And, nearly 80% of these children and teens suffer without help. 

As a teacher, administrator, or guidance counselor, you know the struggles of children with anxiety. They often have academic and social challenges, making it hard for them to stay on track with learning goals, in addition to being at risk for low self-esteem and substance abuse. And, while you know the risk factors, you likely struggle to meet the needs of students with anxiety.   

You are not alone.  

For years, we have delivered live, in-person trainings to school communities and have listened to others just like you. We’ve heard your need for effective tools to coach students into living well with anxiety.  

Once you purchase this class, you can download it so that you can share it with your school in the format and timeframe that works for you.

What's Anxiety Training for Schools?

Our program, Anxiety Training for Schools, is a virtual training series for school communities (teachers, staff, students, and parents) to help students take back their lives from anxiety, to face their fears, and live a life they value. It provides an actionable, evidence-based approach for parents, teachers, and staff to coach students.

In this program, your school community will learn:

  • what happens in our brain to set off
    the anxiety response

  • how to retrain the brain to handle uncertainty, change, and distress

What Makes Anxiety Training for Schools Successful in Helping Children with Anxiety?

Anxiety Training for Schools uses a unique, three-tiered system that trains teachers and staff, parents, and students in the same techniques, using the same language to coach children with anxiety. This unified approach empowers your school community to embrace the anxiety paradox: walking towards fear, talking back to worry, and sitting in discomfort are the keys to changing our relationship with fear.

By supporting your students who have anxiety, they will be more effective learners.

Your school community will learn how to support the anxious student in these ways:

  • Teachers and staff will develop language and action steps that help students become more resilient

  • Parents will understand the role of anxiety in families and how to partner with schools to help their children live well with anxiety.

  • Students will learn why they feel anxious and specific steps to feel better.

  • Everyone will learn skills to shift out of avoidance and accommodations and into doing what they value even when they feel anxious.

Why Trust Anxiety Training?

At Anxiety Training, we (co-founders Kimberly and Elizabeth) are anxiety treatment specialists with over 50 years of combined experience.

We are therapists turned trainers with a passion for helping people live well with anxiety. We are nationally respected speakers and authors. 

We have been training school systems in evidence-based anxiety treatment for over 10 years now. 

What are Schools Saying about Anxiety Training for Schools?

There is a universal agreement that spending an hour or two in consultation with Kimberly or Elizabeth is well worth the time and effort.

Rosa L. D'Abate, PhD
Coordinator of Student Services
Williamsville Central School District

“Kimberly Morrow, LCSM and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C, have provided our mental health staff with tangible and practical information and guidance in our work with students experiencing Anxiety and the associated behavior issues. Their ability to consult on K-12 cases and provide direction has allowed our staff and students to move forward toward positive outcomes. There is universal agreement that spending an hour or two in consultation with Kimberly or Elizabeth is well worth the time and effort. We look forward to a sustained and continual relationship with Anxiety Training.”

...brought new life to our work!

Sue Daley, M.A.
Penn State Behrend

“When I received Kimberly Morrow's flyer in the mail offering a one-day workshop ‘Face It & Feel It,’ I was skeptical that so much material on the treatment of anxiety could be presented in such a short amount of time. I was not disappointed. In fact, it has been a while since I attended a workshop that offered so many treatment strategies in such a succinct, down-to-earth, client-friendly, and efficient manner. Kimberly has a special gift of delivery of the material that she has so obviously mastered in her practice over the years. I have been sharing the workshop ‘gems’ with my colleagues and we look forward to incorporating them into our therapy sessions. She has brought new life to our work!

...a fantastic partner in this endeavor

Kelly Celony
New York City Public Schools

“I just wanted to follow-up with you to let you know that Kimberly Morrow delivered a fantastic training. We were very happy with the presentation. It met our needs and Ms. Morrow was really a fantastic partner in this endeavor.”

I tell everyone I can that they absolutely HAVE to go to one of your workshops if they get the chance!

Nicole McAuliffe
Williamsville Central School District

“Your workshops have really inspired me and re-energized me around feeling like I can really help those with anxiety (we are just seeing SO much of it in our building alone)! I tell everyone I can that they absolutely HAVE to go to one of your workshops if they get the chance! Thanks again!”

When Will We See Results?

Immediately. And we mean it.

Once children understand their brain and how to change it, they can implement these skills quickly. This is especially true when they have the combined support of their teachers, staff and parents.

And, once educators can identify anxiety in students, they can immediately implement language that is helpful.

Your entire school community will start to see results as soon as they apply the strategies and language.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's Different About This Program?

    Anxiety Training for Schools shifts away from the old paradigm of accommodating the anxious thoughts and behavior of students. And, it leans into the evidence-based practice of increased tolerance of uncertainty and discomfort to manage anxiety, allowing students to stay in the classroom and continue to learn.

  • Does this Program Address the Pandemic?

    Yes. Each class for parents, staff and students includes information about how to cope with the anxiety of the special situation of the pandemic.

  • Can You Guarantee It Works?

    By implementing the paradoxical strategies of this program, we guarantee that you will have everything your school community needs to turn anxiety around and help your anxious students thrive!

This training includes engaging real-life stories from students and parents.

We've included downloadable resources, including a special handout with specific tips on coaching a child through anxiety.

  • Listen to a student share his experience with anxiety and how he got better.

  • Witness the powerful story of a family and see how accommodating their daughter's anxiety was the opposite of what was helpful. Learn how appropriately handling anxiety freed their family.

Act Now & Break the Cycle of Student Anxiety

Without a unified, evidence-based approach, the number of anxious students in your school will continue to rise.

Your teachers will continue to write accommodations for students who can’t handle their symptoms.  And, tensions will continue to rise in your school community as you battle out which approach works best.

Maybe you know this cycle of implementing strategies that only serve to strengthen the hold of anxiety on your students?

The good news is that Anxiety Training for Schools will help you break that cycle.  


Coronavirus Stress --10 Simple and Powerful Coping Strategies

Empower parents with the anxiety-busting tools to help their children navigate learning through a global pandemic.

This BONUS includes 10 mini-lessons, featuring our favorite guest instructors and their best strategies for restoring balance so your students can get back to learning. These guests represent a diversity of genders, races, life stages, and voices.


After this training, school communities will work as a team to:

Your teachers can get back to doing what they do best - teaching.
And, your students can get back to learning.

  • identify anxiety symptoms and triggers and

  • develop strategies to help the student increase their tolerance of uncertainty and distress


Anxiety Training offers effective online, continuing education for master's level mental health professionals and for organizations nationwide.

Anxiety Training has a history of strategic partnerships with organizations like PESI, NYCBT, and New York City Public Schools. Their evidence-based classes and courses in Cognitive Behavior Therapy help professionals build confident, successful practices that change lives. 

Cofounders and anxiety experts Kimberly Morrow, LCSW, and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C bring over 50 years of experience and leadership in anxiety and OCD treatment to Anxiety Training. 

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW

Kimberly Morrow earned the Clinician Outreach Award (2012) and the Member of Distinction Award (2015) from Anxiety and Depression Association of American (ADAA).

She is a graduate of the International Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation’s Behavior Therapy Institute. She sits on the board for OCD Pennsylvania. She wrote Face It and Feel It: 10 Simple (But Not Easy) Ways to Live Well with Anxiety. She co-authored CBT for Anxiety: A Step-By-Step Training Manual for the Treatment of Fear, Panic, Worry and OCD with Spencer.

Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C

Elizabeth DuPont Spencer is a graduate of Columbia University and is a Clinical Fellow of ADAA. She was also earner the Clinician Outreach Award (2012) and the Clinician of Distinction (2017) from ADAA.

She has co-authored several books, including The Anxiety Cure and The Anxiety Cure for Kids.

Plus a Bonus Training

Coronavirus Stress --10 Simple and Powerful Coping Strategies


    Coronavirus Stress: 10 Simple and Powerful Copy Strategies for Parents.

    These 10 extra mini-lessons cover timely topics like social media, getting better sleep, mindfulness, and managing uncertainty with children.

    And with instant access, you can begin to use these short learning modules (3-6 min) as soon as you purchase the Anxiety Training for Schools Bundle.

    Perfect for PTA meetings and parenting classes.