Course Description


Kimberly Morrow, LCSW and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C

Notice in these interviews how excited the experts are to talk to you! The whole field of anxiety disorder and OCD treatment is looking for ways to train more therapists and you see their eagerness to share what they know and get you up and running treating your clients successfully.

Course curriculum

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    Pandemic Parenting -- Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    • Class - 45 minutes

    • Tip 1: Recognize the role of anxiety

    • Tip 2: Accept that the future is uncertain

    • Tip 3: Practice Mindfulness -- feel the ground under your feet

    • Tip 4: Focus on the things you value in your life

    • Tip 5: Exercise most days

    • Tip 6: Attend to the positives in your life

    • Tip 7: Get enough but not too much sleep

    • Tip 8: Limit social media and compulsive information checking

    • Tip 9: Embrace imperfection

    • Tip 10: Model being brave and tolerating disappointment